Dr Daniel Franklin is a writer and commentator on the world’s political, economic and business developments.

He has spent the past 23 years observing, analysing and forecasting global economic developments and interpreting the impact of political and economic forces on business. He served successively as The Economist’s Europe Editor, Britain Editor and Washington Bureau Chief before spending a decade as Editorial Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit. In July 2006 he became Executive Editor of The Economist.

In his ten years at the Economist Intelligence Unit he directed editorial operations in London, Vienna, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. In his current role, he is both a leading member of The Economist’s editorial team and Editor-in-Chief of the rapidly growing Economist.com. Within the Economist Group, he contributes to the intellectual debate on key global events.

Since 2003 he has also been Editor of The World in., an annual yearbook of global predictions published by The Economist. Daniel has contributed to a wide range of Economist Group publications including The Economist itself and various Economist Intelligence Unit country reports and forecasts.

Daniel is an experienced broadcaster on radio and television, e.g. BBC, National Public Radio, CSPAN and CNN. He often delivers speeches on global economic and political issues. High-level briefings usually focus on the global economic environment and the outlook for the next five years. He chairs and leads top-level discussion at selected Economist Conferences’ Roundtables around the world.