Newt Gingrich is one of the foremost social, political and security-focused American conservative thinkers today.

Gingrich is well known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing a majority in the US House of Representatives for the first time in forty years. He was also a Republican candidate for president of the United States from 2011-12. He serves as an advisor to President Trump during his presidency.

Gingrich is the author of thirty-six books, including 16 fiction and nonfiction New York Times best-sellers. His latest number one best-sellers include Understanding Trump & Trump’s America.

Recognised internationally as an expert on history, military issues, and international affairs, Newt Gingrich is the longest-serving teacher of the Joint Warfighting course for Major Generals. He also teaches officers from all five services as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Professor at the National Defense University.

In addition, Gingrich served as a Member of the Defense Policy Board. He was a member of the Terrorism Task Force for the Council on Foreign Relations and he co-chaired the Task Force on UN Reform, a bipartisan Congressional effort to reform the United Nations.

Currently Newt Gingrich advises corporations and organisations in healthcare, transportation, financial markets, and defence. He also creates and produces television and digital series, and documentaries.