Ravichandran known as Ravi Everest from Malaysia was introduced into outdoor lifestyle and mountaineering in the year 1993.
He starts his dream of climbing mountains during his first trek to 5000-meter altitude reaching the famous Everest Base Camp and climbing Mount Kalapathar in Nepal Khumbu Region. This is the beginning of his dreams to achieve a much bigger goal from simple trekking in 1993 to climb Mount Everest.
Inspiring adventurer, Ravi Everest, wants to complete his “Grand Slam of Mountaineering” by believing that everyone should “Challenge The Summit” of their dreams. Being on the Summit of Mount Everest during his first Mount Everest Expedition 2006 via the North Face Route, Tibet, and reaching the South Col (8000 Meter) during his second Mount Everest Expedition 2007 via the South Face Route, was the highlight of his passion in mountaineering.
Climbing Everest involved many lifelong experiences and tragedies including losing 8 fingers to frostbite. After 2 years of rest and adjustment, he starts to dream about “Challenge The Summit” and “Grand-slam of Mountaineering”. Starting in the Year 2010,  he began his quest for his own version of the “Grand Slam of Mountaineering”, planning to summit all “14th Eight Thousander” (8000 meters) mountains in the world and the “Seven Summit”, all the highest peaks in seven continents. Later, in the Year 2011, he added “The Poles – The Last Degree” in his quest and begin his “True Explorers Grand Slam” and his own version of “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering”.
His mountaineering goals keep growing year by year and so is his passion for mountaineering. In the Year 2014 during his “8th Year of his Everest Summit Anniversary”, he decided to expand his “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering” and to make it a “True Adventures & Explorers Grand Slam” by including the “Ski Full Length to The Poles – the South Pole and the North Pole”.
To make his “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering” a very much more interesting journey, he included additional challenges like “Seven Volcanic Summit”, “Second Seven Summit”, “Second Volcanic Seven Summit”, “Third Seven Summit”, “ThirdVolcanic Seven Summit” and some “7000 meters mountain peaks” / ” World Historical Trail” & “Cultural Summit”.
On May 12th, 2022, he managed to guide and climb with his 2 clients to the summit of Mount Everest from the South Face, Nepal. To make it an interesting and challenging year, he set a new goal and reached the summit of Mount K2, the second highest mountain in the world but the most dangerous mountain, on 22nd July 2022.
With the list of mountains and exploration growing bigger, he starts to share his experience and leading people and guiding climbers to some of his expedition and journeys to finance his “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering”. He starts to do motivational speeches in many international countries and inspires the young ones on “Challenging The Summit”.