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Billionaire Richard Branson says he’ll fly to space by July

WASHINGTON: British billionaire Richard Branson plans to travel to space within the next four or five months aboard his own Virgin Galactic spaceship, he told AFP on Thursday (Feb 7). “My wish is to go up on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, that’s what we’re working on,”...

In Cluttered China, Red Hong Yi’s Huge Installations Stand Apart

Across Asia, the question of space and where to find it isn’t an unfamiliar one. Look around any major city and you’ll see buildings climbing into the atmosphere, away from the crowds of people, delivery bikes and cars that clutter the surface below.

What can we learn from the great economists?

Should we worry about the size of the trade deficit? How do we bring back American manufacturing? Why aren’t wages growing more quickly? On this episode, economics professor and BBC presenter Linda Yueh discusses how 12 of the world’s greatest economists might respond to these questions and more.

Ann Osman continues to be a Malaysian hero outside the cage

WHEN looking at the history books and searching for a pioneer in Malaysia’s women’s mixed martial arts industry, a familiar name is guaranteed to appear. It is Sabah’s very own Ann “Athena” Osman.

Business News Wales Meets; David Coulthard MBE

Business News Wales had the opportunity to speak to David Coulthard, Co-Owner of Whisper Films, which recently opened its new offices in Cardiff. David is perhaps most famous for his fifteen-year career in Formula One, driving for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing. But Whisper Films has been the...

Arnold Schwarzenegger leads tributes to Hall of Fame bodybuilder Ed Corney

He will be remembered for one of the most iconic scenes from bodybuilding’s most famous docudrama. The scene in Pumping Iron switches to Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California where Arnold Schwarzenegger and his training, partner, Ed Corney, are doing multiple sets of squats.

How this 14-year-old Indian origin kid became an AI expert for IBM

Meet Tanmay Bakshi. Computer programmer, artificial intelligence expert and all-around tech extraordinaire. He’s developed multiple apps, published a book, hosted a TEDx Talk and spoken at IBM Watson summits around the world including Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia. But there’s something surprising about him: He’s only 14 years...

‘That was a tough one’: SA’s Lewis Pugh after latest Arctic ice swim

South African activist Lewis Pugh swam 1km alongside the edge of the Arctic sea ice on Saturday to highlight what he called “runaway climate change”.

Five Reasons Why ONE Championship Is Crushing The MMA Market

Earlier today, ONE Championship, an Asian sports media company, announced they’ve just secured equity investment from Sequoia Capital, which now brings their total funding to $100 million USD.

‘From Utopia to Dystopia’ and Back Again: Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Calls for ‘New Web’ That Reclaims Original Democratic Principles

As open internet advocates pressure governments and major tech companies to respect the free flow of information online and users’ privacy, World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee spoke Wednesday about how his…

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