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Exclusive interview with Lisa Forte

PUBLISHED ON 8th Feb 2019

Lisa Forte began her career working in anti-piracy intelligence off the coast of Somalia, before moving into counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency. Forte researched the process of online radicalisation by terrorist groups and the risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters.

Top speakers – Inspirational Women

PUBLISHED ON 13th Sep 2018

It has long been the case that women in positions of leadership have been few and far between. In business, politics and STEM fields to name a few the gender balance is still significantly off kilter. However it cannot be denied that this trend is changing.
Whilst both the public and private spheres have a long way to go, inspiration female leaders are becoming more and more prevalent.

The World’s First Leadership AI Lab

PUBLISHED ON 21st Jun 2018

Tommy Weir is the author of the bestselling, Leadership Dubai Style and advises CEOs around the world on how to improve their leadership in order to achieve rapid growth. Emerging Markets Leadership Center has now launched its latest project: the world’s first leadership Artificial Intelligence lab in Dubai. Its goal is simple: to use machine learning to help leaders lead the best they can.

You’ll Never Walk Again — She Was Told, But She Did

PUBLISHED ON 29th Apr 2018

Now a performance coach and motivational speaker, Ms Karina Hollekim says her accident has given her a “perspective I don’t want to be without”. “It may be a cliche but adversity makes us better people. We need that to remind ourselves what a good life we have and to appreciate people and good moments every day.”

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