A true leader cannot operate without the ability to manage and communicate effectively with people and organisations. Innovative ideas and a thought-through strategy are not enough in themselves to create success. What global business leaders recognise is that it is the capability of the management to implement these ideas that drives the performance of the business and that capable, committed teams usually best understand and deal with the needs of customers. A clear, often imitable style of management is what defines the most successful CEO’s and Chairmen of large organisations: these people are clear as to where their business is heading and are adept at communication this to their organisations as a whole.


The one thing that all these people have in common is their motivation to succeed and through their drive, determination and achievements they inspire and motivate us. But what makes them different? Is it their backgrounds, their families or is it a God-given gift? What drives them even in the face of disappointment and failure? To hear from these people about their experiences and beliefs, what drives them and keeps them focused and determined and how we can emulate them is the best way to learn about how we improve our own performances.


No one truly knows what the future holds, but LBS's speakers on the future and technology have the exceptional ability to foresee future trends and technologies that will impact the business world for decades to come. In their thought-provoking keynotes, these future speakers will help you and your company recognize groundbreaking opportunities and develop successful competitive strategies based on their knowledge and foresight.


The revolution in technology over the last twenty years has made the world a far less stable place, with events and information travelling at a speed unheard of in the last century. This has presented enormous political challenges around the globe with societies more volatile and potentially dangerous than at any time since the Cold War. Our political leaders can no longer promote isolationists policies and need to adapt to many different dimensions from a changing environment to radical extremism. Members of society can no longer opt out of the political debate: listening to former and current politicians who have operated on the global stage is a good way to understand some of the debates and contribute to them.


The environment is the most fundamental aspect affecting the future of our planet. Conversation, sustainability, ecological issues and renewable energy sources are of paramount importance. We all need to consider our use of natural resources and take responsibility for the environmental challenges we face. We all need expert guidance and communication of knowledge in the use of natural resources the environmental challenges we face and their implications not just for industry and business but also in terms of global justice and human rights.


In our media age, we are all accustomed to the familiar faces we see on TV presenting the daily news, documentaries and reports. However, the most celebrated presenters across the globe are much more than just a face and a voice. Many have had successful careers in journalism, politics, and academia and their ability to present is testament to the depth of their knowledge Often they have an ability to simplify complex issues and explain them in a way that is easy to understand, enabling us- the audience- to learn. More often than not, however, it is their unique charisma and charm that defines a presenter’s success and has created a generation of media icons.


Our Executive Workshops, normally led by an experienced CEO or Chairman level person, have flexibility over the length and frequency of sessions. We can offer a series of workshops that build on one another so ideal for Management Development Programmes. The sessions tend to promote co-operations among the participants because each participant has an opportunity to provide input and hear input from other participants. Workshops promote creativity and innovation. This results in the development of new ideas that would not have occurred had the participants been involved in a more formal conference environment. Workshops work well when new ideas are needed or need to be combined in new ways; they are also ideal for senior management learning as the groups tend to be smaller.

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