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Erika Cheung was one of the key whistleblowers in the Theranos scandal that stopped the company from processing thousands of patients’ samples with faulty technology. The story has been covered in the book "Bad Blood" by John Carreyrou, 60 minutes, ABC news, and recently the HBO documentary "The Inventor: Out for Blood in the Silicon Valley."

After working for biotechnology companies, she committed herself to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hong Kong, China, and South East Asia. She was the founding team member of the Betatron, a technology accelerator based in Hong Kong. The program invests and supports early-stage tech companies scale and grow across Asia. She founded Spiral Bio an application-based community facilitating investment and partnerships for healthcare and biotechnology companies across the APAC markets.

Currently, she has launched a new organization, Ethics in Entrepreneurship which is mobilizing a social movement to promote an ethical culture within the technology industry. EIE acts as the connective tissues between tools, resources, and experts to implement ethics into the core of their businesses.



Theranos was the darling of Silicon Valley. The company boasted a revolutionary blood diagnostic and vision for the future of healthcare that many wanted to believe in. Theranos managed to get buy-in from the most well known politicians and American elite, however things weren’t quite what they seemed. In a swift series of events, the company became one of the most highly reported business scandals in American history. Could this outcome have been prevented? Could it have been predicted? In this talk and discussion, we will discuss some of the timeless warning signs of an organizational ethical collapse to prepare founders, investors and employees for their own journey into entrepreneurship.


In 2014, Erika Cheung made a discovery that would ultimately help bring down her employer, Theranos , as well as its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, who claimed to have invented technology that would transform medicine. The decision to become a whistleblower proved a hard lesson in figuring out how to do what’s right in the face of both personal and professional obstacles.

With candor and humility, Cheung shares her journey of speaking truth to power and offers a framework to encourage others to come forward and act in the service of all.


Following her pivotal role as the whistleblower that exposed Theranos, Erika embarked on a transformative journey. She founded “Ethics in Entrepreneurship” (EIE), a pioneering organization committed to cultivating an ethical culture within the technology industry. EIE serves as the essential bridge connecting tools, resources, and experts, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate ethics into their core operations. Erika’s inspiring story highlights the paramount importance of ethical entrepreneurship and the profound impact it can have on business culture and society.


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Erika keynote on her journey and governance was exceptional. Her courage in revealing the truth about Theranos and her dedication to ethics in tech left a profound impact. We're grateful for her invaluable insights.

- - Stewardship Asia Centre


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