Jeremy Schwartz

  • CEO of The Body Shop (2013-2018)
  • Former Managing Director of L’Oreal UK and Creator of the Multi-billion Dollar Coke Zero Brand
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A pioneer of competitive, sustainable business practices, Jeremy Schwartz is the multinational CEO who led The Body Shop, Pandora and Conival PLC.

Earlier in his career, Schwartz was the Managing Director for L’Oréal UK, and Marketing Director for News International, Coca-Cola and Sainsbury’s. Currently, he is Chairman of the Kantar Sustainability and Inclusion practice and advisor to McKinsey’s Business Transformation practice.

As CEO of The Body Shop, Schwartz created the ground-breaking and highly successful vegan ranges, persuaded authorities around the world to protect endangered strips of rainforest, and travelled to the Amazon to source new ingredients and protect biodiversity by creating an income for local indigenous groups.

During his tenure as the CEO, the company's revenue grew worldwide by 8%. He also doubled their e-commerce profits to 13%. Jeremy also led the decision to sell a healthy and growing business to Natura in 2017 for $1bn at 12x of earnings. Jeremy also oversaw the growth of The Body Shop in Asia, where he took Indonesia from the 15th largest market to the 4th largest market after the UK, US and Australia.

At Coca-Cola, Jeremy Schwartz created the multi-billion dollar Coke Zero brand, at L’Oréal he launched the iconic “Because You’re Worth it” line, and at Pandora he led the transition from stores to e-commerce focus, resulting in a 300% increase in share price.

As a leading innovator, Schwartz has demonstrated that a company can be both a force for good and a successful profitable business. With his 8 New Skills of Leadership, he identifies the step-by-step practical business tools that enable leaders and companies to increase performance and hit extraordinary goals. He addresses engaging stakeholders, transforming profit and loss, the future of work, and digitisation. At the heart of this ethos lies the need to tackle the fear of change which so often stymies individuals and organisations.



As a CEO, Jeremy studied the agile practices developed and adopted by the tech industry to drive exceptional growth at speed, seeing this success he decided to apply is to the more traditional companies that he led as CEO, The Body Shop and Pandora with incredible business results.

In 2018 Jeremy joined Pandora, a $4bn business with 32% EBITDA and a rock bottom share price (P/E 7) due to falling sales. With agile leadership, management, culture and process to his business transformation giving only 8 months to relaunch many aspects of the company. From Jan 2020 in spite of the Pandemic Pandoras fortunes reversed to unprecedented growth with the share price increasing by 240% (Jan 202 to Nov 21). Jeremy explains with concrete examples how non tech companies can adopt agility and achieve exceptional results.


In Jeremy’s captivating session, he will share his experience managing The Body Shop in becoming one of the world’s most sustainable companies. He explains how business leaders have to act to make their purpose count to drive business results in achieving a sustainable organization.

Full of practical actions and examples Jeremy shows how to drive on-purpose actions day to day actions. Then how a purpose should be used to springboard transformational innovations that bring new revenue streams and demonstrate purpose drives extraordinary actions.


Jeremy will share examples from his own experience at The Body Shop, Pandora and L’Oréal UK, highlighting the importance of building a strong foundation for high performance by creating a culture that fosters collaboration, learning, and innovation. He’ll also provide insights to what it takes to be a successful leader and how to create a culture of high performance with his 8 New Skills of Leadership to Unlock High Performance.


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Keynote Speaker - Jeremy Schwartz - Showreel - NOV 2020


During our two last Extended Leadership Team meetings of Boehringer Ingelheim China, we had Jeremy running sessions on leadership and innovation. Our more than 100 participants were thrilled by the sessions as the messages Jeremy was conveying made sense from a practical point of view and are also easy to try and adapt in the daily doing of leaders. Jeremy during the sessions excellently combines his own entrepreneurial experience with comprehensive concepts which actually every leader can use very easily. The real life connection make Jeremy’s session so impactful!

- Boehringer Ingelheim Greater China


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