Khairy Jamaluddin

  • Former Minister of Health, Malaysia
  • Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (2020 – 2021)
  • Visiting Senior Fellow, ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore
  • Co-host of Southeast Asia's No.1 Current Affairs Podcast, ‘Keluar Sekejap’
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Khairy Jamaluddin most recently served as Minister of Health Malaysia. Prior to that, he was Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation and Minister of Youth and Sports.

During his tenure as the Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin played a significant role in Malaysia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by leading the digital transformation of the healthcare system, making healthcare services more accessible and efficient, including telemedicine and digital health platforms.

During his tenure as Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Khairy worked relentlessly to vaccinate the Malaysian population through mega vaccination centres across the nation, mobile vaccination units in rural areas, battling CoVid-19 misinformation and rallying volunteer groups to come together to assist the nation resulting in Malaysia recording one of the highest rate of vaccine doses administered in the world.

Prior to entering government, Khairy Jamaluddin started out his career as a hard-hitting journalist and articulate presenter for a political talk show called Dateline Malaysia. The programme was meant to encourage Malaysians to speak up about their views on certain political affairs.

Apart from his career in journalism, he worked as a policy aide, investment banker and entrepreneur. He was Chairman of Malaysia’s National Entrepreneur Development Corporation, Deputy President of the Football Association of Malaysia and Commander of the 508 Territorial Army Regiment of Malaysia. He was also the Co-Founder of The Centre, a think tank dedicated to the promotion of centrist thought.

Khairy is now a well-known public speaker and commentator on political and economic issues. He has written extensively on Malaysian politics and global affairs, widely regarded as one of the leading voices in Malaysia.

Khairy studied in Oxford University and University College London (UCL) in the UK. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at St Hugh's College and later a master’s degree in Legal and Political Theory at University College London (UCL).


Rise, Lead, Conquer : Leading Beyond Limits

Resilience is the remarkable human capacity to bounce back from adversity, adapt to challenges, and grow stronger in the face of adversity. It’s the ability to weather life’s storms, overcome obstacles, and emerge more resilient than before. Resilience is not a fixed trait but a dynamic skill that can be developed and cultivated. It plays a pivotal role in our mental and emotional well-being, helping us cope with stress, trauma, and setbacks.

Understanding the principles of resilience equips us with the tools to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater confidence and effectiveness. In this presentation, we’ll explore the concept of resilience and how to foster it in our daily lives.

Adaptive Leadership: Thriving in Turbulent Times

Leadership takes on different dimensions during times of war and peace, shaped by unique challenges and objectives. In times of conflict, war-time leaders, like Winston Churchill or Dwight D. Eisenhower, must inspire unity, make tough decisions, and provide unwavering guidance to their nations. Their leadership often involves managing crises, maintaining morale, and strategizing for victory.

Conversely, during times of peace, leaders such as Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi focus on reconciliation, diplomacy, and nation-building. Their leadership promotes harmony, justice, and social progress. Understanding the contrasting dynamics of wartime and peacetime leadership provides valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of effective leadership.

Global Tensions and Cultural Shifts: The Intersection of Geopolitics, Society, and Culture

Geopolitics, society, and culture are intricately intertwined in a complex dance that shapes our world. Geopolitical forces, from international conflicts to global economic trends, have a profound impact on societies and cultures. They influence political decisions, economic opportunities, and even the flow of ideas and information.

In contrast, the rich tapestry of society and culture also feeds back into geopolitics, influencing diplomatic relations, alliances, and the rise and fall of nations. Understanding the interplay between these three pillars is essential to unravelling the intricate web of our globalized world and exploring how they collectively shape our shared future.


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EXCLUSIVE: Khairy Jamaluddin gets real about BN, ICERD, and Najib | CLOSE UP

KJ’s Speech At Johor International Youth Conference 2023


The positive feedback from attendees was unanimous—everyone loved KJ's session. His ability to make intricate geopolitical discussions accessible and interesting is a testament to his skill as a speaker.

- Bank of Singapore

Khairy's moderated session was the highlight of our event. His articulate and thought-provoking presentation on geopolitics and leadership left a lasting impression on everyone. Truly an inspiring speaker!

- Bursa Malaysia

Khairy's keynote on leadership during crisis was exceptional! His insights resonated deeply and inspired us to elevate our leadership game. A truly motivational experience.



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