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  • Online Personality and Conceptual Photographer known for his hyper-realist art style
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Motivated by the desire to be creatively challenged and overcome impossibilities, Benjamin Von Wong has become notorious for his epic photography. His hyper-realistic art style captures viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts. Benjamin's background in engineering gives him a unique edge for creative problem solving, where technical challenges become friendly. Fueled by his passion to connect people, Benjamin has an affinity for finding unique talent to bring his complex stories to life.

One of Von's most notable works was when he was commissioned by Huawei to demonstrate the capabilities of their P8 cell phone camera. The creative brief included taking an image, using a live model surrounded by fire, and no use of Photoshop or other image editing software was allowed. Von Wong combined a visual arts with pyrotechnics from his mining engineering experience creating a seamless, stunning shot.

He is the ambassador for Wacom and Broncolor GenNext, as well as a Fujifilm X photographer. He is also notable for creating several viral social media campaigns, including the most funded GoFundMe campaign which raised over $2M for Eliza O'Neill, a sufferer of Sanfilippo syndrome.

He is currently focused on conservation related projects. His passion for environment conservation is reflected in his works such as 'Shark Shepard' which features a model tied under Fiji waters, surrounded by sharks; “The Parting of the Plastic Sea” an installation made from 168,000 used plastic straws and “Cosmic Cave” made out of 18,000 used plastic cups.



Each photograph has two stories: The first is the photograph itself that captivates and transports the viewer into the image itself taking them on a journey as they put the pieces together and fill in the blanks. The second is the story that narrates its creation – the circumstances, conditions and challenges that went into bringing the image into reality. Von’s prerogative is to share these stories with the world, regardless if it’s through words, images or motion.


Social media demands that we be extraordinary to stand out, but it is important to not forget what makes us ordinary. Von is a viral campaign creator, especially focused on supporting social & environmental causes. He creates outstanding images that people often mistake as photoshopped, with the aim to educate as well as inspire. His talks highlight the importance of embracing our ordinary selves while striving for extraordinary impact. Von Wong’s work serves as a testament to the power of creativity, raising awareness, and inspiring change through visually captivating campaigns.


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Irrelevancy as fuel to generate collective action | Benjamin Von Wong | TEDxBoston

Building the Skull of Satoshi

Benjamin Von Wong Interview (Spotlight by Spin)


Artwork image

11-foot skull covered in E-Waste to expose Bitcoin's Impact on Climate Change

Artwork image


Artwork image

4100lbs of E-Waste resurrected. Trillions to go. Together, we can change the world

Artwork image

Parting of the plastic sea - #strawpocalypse

Artwork image

This cosmic cave is an Instagram trap made from 18,000 used plastic cups

Artwork image

We kill almost 100 million sharks every single year. This project generated 80,000 petition signatures to support the creation of shark sanctuaries in Malaysia.


Von's session is truly insightful and inspiring. Our audience enjoyed it very much!

- Julius Baer


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