Alvine Tremoulet is a Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leader at Pfizer. Between 2016 and 2018, she held the position of Operations Manager for the Diversity and Inclusion Council Europe (DICE) and the Global Women’s Council.

With a background in communication, Alvine is a leading authority on global environmental, social and corporate governance issues. She analyses the current role and scope of influence between corporate communication actors and top executives, on social issues. Alvine is from Cameroon and has a unique background, positioning herself as a specialist on the wide range of issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Alvine is committed to promoting and supporting women in business, particularly in healthcare. Since 2019, she has chaired the executive committee of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), Paris. Her professional and personal experience leads her to advise decision-makers on situational, inclusive and balanced leadership. According to Alvine, every manager without gender distinction, should develop his/her leadership and personal strengths according to the environment and the stakeholders. She believes that a leader must constantly question and learn from others, as part of a career-long process of personal development and lifelong learning.

Every day, Alvine strives to change mindsets and make the workplace more diverse and inclusive, while scrutinising both visible and invisible diversity.

As a specialist on employee engagement, an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, she believes that organisations have a key role to play in environmental challenges and social impact.

Through conferences and corporate events, Alvine seeks to unleash the full potential hidden within each of us. She tailors her speech to the audience according to their background, level of maturity and understanding of these complex and sometimes uncomfortable topics. Alvine believes in the impact of the pedagogical approach on these subjects, making sure to always bring nuance. For her, active listening is essential in order to be heard by all: more rights for one group of people does not mean less for another, thus fostering a constant dialogue, so that everyone feels included in these conversations.

Alvine Trémoulet is bilingual, speaking French and English. She graduated in Communication from EFAP (Paris). She holds an Executive Master’s in Communication from Sciences Po. She is a member of the “Club 21e siècle”.

Alvine is French-Cameroonian but feels like a global citizen. She is married and has two daughters.