Conny Czymoch hosts "Phoenix – The day", the flag-ship news and current affairs program at Phoenix. She has interviewed and moderated conferences with international leaders ranging from Kofi Annan to Nasa Boss Michael Griffin or German chancellor Angela Merkel, to – in the early days in Hong Kong and Kenia – anti-human trafficking figurehead Lea Ackermann or Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Maathai, creator of the Green Belt movement.

After studying economics and international relations at Reading University, UK, Conny Czymoch returned to Cologne to undergo her journalistic training, then worked for a year for Hong Kong TV and Radio, before becoming a freelance radio author for Deutschlandfunk, WDR, Deutsche Welle – (for which she reported from Kenia for 3 months in 1987).

Switching media – from radio to TV (Sat1, CNN, Phoenix) – and adding the conference stage, Conny has for the past 20 years been a moderator/facilitator with competence and a winning smile. At national and international events she has specialized in "translating": between politicians and "normal" people, between young and old, between top management and the shop floor.

Two extensive areas of interest have been the main focus of her work: - the first: focusing on issues of global economic cooperation and social integration, ranging from the reduction of HIV Aids or hunger, to international migration and the labor markets, gender and human trafficking. - secondly: making technological advances and future developments like astronautics, Microsystems technology, ITC, the automotive world or climate change understandable, to a specialized or a general audience.

In corporate events, she has worked for BMW, Daimler (Chrysler), Siemens, Carl Zeiss, SAP, Microsoft, EnBW – and a plethora of medium sized companies and organizations. Amongst her regular customers are the federal ministries for research and development, BMBF, economic cooperation, BMZ, and economics, BMWi, as well as diverse EU Directorates. On numerous occasions, she has worked for development agencies like GTZ, or InWent. In 2009, she accompanied the UNHCR Council of Business Leaders to refugee camps in Southern Africa, and covered the trip in internet blogs and films.

Conny Czymoch is also an executive coach for interview training and media presentation. Moderation/ facilitation and media coaching in German and English (French speaking interviewees welcome to respond in their own language).