Ivana Bartoletti heads up the privacy & data protection practice at Gemserv, leading on privacy and data protection, and helping businesses harness the data they hold. she works across all sectors, and also focuses on the privacy challenges surrounding the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. She is passionate about about the smart and digital economy, AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things

Ivana co-founded the Women Leading in AI Network, a lobby group of women from different backgrounds aimed to mobilise the tech industry and politics to set clear governance around AI so that it works for everyone and is constrained by our human values.

Ivana Bartoletti regularly writes and features in the media in both the UK and overseas, including the Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Radio4, the Guardian and the BBC world, commenting on privacy, data ethics and innovation. With twenty years of experience in international public life, including as advisor to the Romano Prodi government in Italy, she speaks at events and conferences on digital ethics, the governance and norms of AI as well as equality and international affairs.