Jon is a thought-leader in people advocacy, connectedness and collaboration and the founder and CEO of international management consultancy firm Kwan, committed to helping organisations and executives remain top of mind in the relationships most important to them.

Jon’s passion for advocacy and relationship management in enabling organisations and leaders gain and maintain their competitive advantage through relationship building, led to the development of renowned Three Minds™ advocacy model, a high-thought/low-touch approach that is adaptive to operating rhythms and existing cultures.

It is often the case that the most successful person in a room is not necessarily the smartest or most ambitious, but the curious one with the ability to best connect to others. Still, many of us will invest in new skills and form grand visions while neglecting critical relationships along the way. This behaviour is not exclusive to any industry, but a by-product of our time.

Connectedness is the antidote. Supported by the The Three Minds™ framework, this managerial practice can transform disjointed peer groups into communities of advocacy, by creating the conditions and safety net to anticipate opportunities and risks, making individuals, teams and organisations more prepared to achieve their strategic objectives and desired futures.