Leo Johnson is Head of PwC's Disruption practice. He explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come and considers how the world might respond.

Johnson’s expertise spans revolutions in energy and transport to predictive policing and an end to language barriers. As the co-founder of Sustainable Finance, he specialises in mapping out unexploded volcanoes – charting the collisions of megatrends that are going to create seismic disruption. Earlier in his career, Johnson joined the World Bank as a Resource Economist before co-founding the boutique advisory firm Sustainable Finance, since acquired by PwC Group.

He also co-presents BBC Radio 4's flagship series FutureProofing, exploring the big ideas and innovations reshaping business and society. He sifts through the noise of exponential technology to tell us what is actually going to affect us and what is simply hype.

Johnson is also a Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University's Smith School of Enterprise & the Environment.