Dr Jessica Barker is a leader in the human nature of cyber security. Co-founder of a cyber security consultancy, Cygenta Ltd., she is engaged by organisations of all sizes, from multi-national firms to SMEs. Her work surrounds the psychology and sociology of cyber security, particularly regarding cyber security threats, social engineering, how to effectively communicate cyber security messages, the psychology of fear and cyber security, and the language of cyber security. Jessica has recently chaired panels at the Commonwealth Cyber Security Forum in London, the Financial Services Summit 2016 in London and the GSMA Mobile 360 event in the Hague.

Masterclass overview
We are living in a knowledge economy where information has become incredibly valuable and experiencing a cyber attack or data breach impacts an organisation’s bottom line. The cyber threat landscape is composed of malicious and non-malicious threats, which are both internal and external. Motivations for malicious attacks vary – and depending on your organisation’s industry and the data it creates, receives, shares and stores, it will be the target of different attack actors and methods. Cyber security is about people, process, information and technology and as such is a business issue, not just an IT one. Effective business leaders need to understand what cyber security means to them and their organisations.

Value and expected outcomes

  • An understanding of the holistic nature of cyber security and how all elements – people, process, information and technology – are best managed in an organisation
  • An awareness of how to assess the particular threats faced by individual organisations and how to use risk assessment and management frameworks to mitigate the risks
  • Working through an incident response scenario exercise to explore what happens when an organisation experiences a cyber attack or data breach and how to respond in the most effective way

What is covered?
Jessica will use real-life case studies to address:

  • The cyber security threat landscape, including the latest threats faced by organisations
  • Practical advice on incident management and what organisations should have in place to safeguard business continuity during and after a cyber crisis
  • The session will demystify the technical nature of cyber security to provide the audience with an understanding of cyber security that is required of modern board members
  • An exploration of the inherently human element of cyber security and the extent to which people are either an organisation’s weakest link or first line of defence, depending on the approach
  • and management of the organisation’s leaders
  • The roles and responsibilities of senior business leaders in managing and mitigating cyber security issues in their organisations