Kinvara Balfour is a leading brand, style and retail expert, creative director, producer, host, entrepreneur and renowned interpreter of global cultural trends. Kinvara has consulted for international brands including Apple., AOL, Wella, Max Factor, Pantene, Jimmy Choo, Richemont, Coutts, Smythson and the British Fashion Council. She also has extensive editorial experience as Fashion Assistant at Condé Nast, Style Editor at the Saturday Telegraph Magazine and has created a digital blog platform for Time Out.

Masterclass overview
In our tech-driven world every brand must shout loudly if it’s to win the attention it needs to be successful. In a marketplace weighed down by information overload, no brand – whatever its size or character – can ignore the need to communicate its uniqueness in different ways and on global scale. The old-style press release has given way to sophisticated media strategies and innovative concepts that capture the spirit of a brand and excite the imagination of existing and potential consumers. Kinvara Balfour, respected ‘consultant of cool’ for culture-conscious international companies and major brands across the world, brings a wealth of experience to this masterclass as she shares her insights on how to capture and hold consumer attention.

Value and expected outcomes

  • How to create a strategy that embraces the essence of a brand, captures the imagination of consumers and creates a world they want to join
  • How to achieve a brand ‘moment’ and maximize its effect
  • How to harness digital and social media as powerful instruments of success and realize your brand ambitions
  • How to sharpen your awareness of key trends and be inspired by them


What is covered?

  • World Creation: How does your brand best create a world consumers want to inhabit?
  • Social media: How do I navigate the virtual jungle?
  • Owning a Moment: How your brand best create a ‘moment’; how does it promote that moment to maximum effect?
  • Print vs. Digital: Which is more powerful and where should your brand spend its time, money and resources to build a winning strategy?
  • Case Study: Which key global brand is getting it right today – how and why?
  • Know the Zeitgeist: Key trends that define the spirit of our time; a précis to excite and inspire
  • Trend Sources: Which websites and social media feeds show the way?