Roger Steare is Corporate Philosopher in Residence at Cass Business School and a Fellow of the policy think tank ResPublica. In 2009 HSBC UK asked Roger to advise their senior leadership team on how to strengthen their values, decision- making and culture. As a result, over the following three years pro ts increased by more than 55% to $1.54bn. Values-based Leadership is now a global program across HSBC. After the Gulf of Mexico disaster in 2010, BP asked Roger to help them design a new leadership program to rebuild their culture and to strengthen their values and behaviors. Roger’s ethicability® decision-making framework is now core to the new BP Code of Conduct.

Masterclass overview
The most successful and enduring businesses are those that combine a meaningful purpose and a clear set of values, with leaders who display both rational and emotional intelligence of the highest order. This masterclass by Roger Steare enables leaders at all levels to reflect on these issues in a highly engaging and compelling way. At the core of this workshop is the alignment of all stakeholder values so that all forces within a business pull in the same direction.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Pragmatic, profitable yet principled management of a business for long-term success
  • Deep understanding of the value of ethical decision-making
  • Tools and techniques to enhance trust and respect for the decisions you make

What is covered?
The masterclass is firmly grounded in neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and behavioral economics. Roger will talk about:

  • Value based decision-making
  • Ethics by gender and age and how that affects business dynamics How to engender harmony in decision-making
  • Doing the right thing
  • Trust
  • Co-operation
  • Service

‘Lead with Integrity’ gives leaders the opportunity to stop and think about their purpose, their values and the decisions they need to make – in a very pragmatic way.