Roy Madron is a researcher, management consultant and author. Currently based in Brazil, he designs and facilitates the 21st Century Leadership Programme for the University of Industry (UNINDUS). 

In his co-authored book, Gaian Democracies: Redefining Globalisation and People-Power, he describes an alternative system of globalisation, and sets out a new theory of democracy through which the human family can co-create a just and sustainable future. 

He has been a Research Fellow at Manchester Business School, during which he discovered that “Liberating Leaders” were able to achieve exceptional results, enabling their employees to think, act and learn with them to re-configure their enterprises' socio-technical systems.

In the 1970s, he began consulting for local government, the public services and business on the use of portable, non-broadcast video for innovative processes of communication and participation. 

From the mid-1980s, he founded and ran a consultancy in leadership and the design of systems change strategies for clients in the public services and local government. He consulted on leadership development, participative planning, customer care and systems change projects, with city councils, regulatory bodies, utility companies, major multi-nationals and NGOs in the UK. 

In 1980, he co-founded Cycling for Softies, a travel business which won the B.B.C.'s Enterprise Award in 1985 and continues to prosper to this day. 

He is an Honorary Fellow of the Asian Foresight Institute.