Rüdiger von Fritsch was Germany’s ambassador in Moscow. For five years he was the highest representative of Germany and also represented German interests towards Russia’s President Putin. The exceptional diplomat retired in the summer of 2019.

After studying History and German philology in Erlangen and Bonn, Rüdiger von Fritsch joined the Foreign Service in 1984. After various positions as a secretary in the German embassies of Warsaw, Nairobi and the Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels, he became head of the Planning Staff in the Office of the Federal President in 1999 and Vice President of the Federal Intelligence Service in 2004. Three years later, he became Head of the Department of Economics and Sustainable Development at the Federal Foreign Office and G8-Sous Sherpa. In 2010 he assumed the position of Ambassador to Warsaw and from 2014 to 2019 he was Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation and Head of the Embassy in Moscow.

In his book “Die Sache mit Tom – eine Flucht in Deutschland” published in 2009, Rüdiger von Fritsch reports how in 1974, together with his brother, he helped a cousin and his friends escape from the GDR to the Federal Republic.

Rüdiger von Fritsch takes a clear stance and yet has the ability to change perspectives. His diplomatic skills are also evident in his captivating lectures. His analyses are as stringent as they are sensitive and allow his listeners new perspectives.