What is the science behind why we give up, or why logic is more about feeling than we might think? What are the most unusual jobs of the future or the skills you’ll need to stay future ready? Why should you know about ‘augmented commerce’, emotionally aware apps or the connectivity driving the evolution of cities, organisations and economies?

Named one of Britain’s leading ‘Women of the Year’ for 2021, Futurist Shivvy Jervis advocates for human-led innovation and focuses on the critical intersection of three vital areas – digital advances, scientific developments and psychology or our brain chemistry. She is described by the World Economic Forum as “having the unique ability to address complex topics in such a human-centred manner” and by TED Talks as “having a remarkable capacity to uncover the relevant from all the noise”.

As Europe’s most recognised female and BAME (Asian) ‘tech-for-good’ expert, Shivvy’s insights and forecasting lab FutureScape 248 have earned a staggering 24 pieces of recognition. A recent hat trick involved being named a Champion of Change (Management Today), and a nominee for both the Great British Businesswoman of the Year and Positive Impact awards.

Shivvy is trusted by over 200 organisations, including the likes of Microsoft, the United Nations, Salesforce, Lenovo and the UK Government’s digital division, called on to address audiences in the thousands via her keynotes and broadcasts.

She is known for finding, testing and bringing to life only those innovations with sustainable and ethical value. She demystifies and connects how they will go on to shape how we do business, secure our financial futures and elevate our individual potential.

A former contributor to CNN Asia and Reuters, Shivvy Jervis has notched up over 12 years of broadcasting experience and 400+ hours of programming. She has presented a two-part documentary for Discovery Channel, hosted interview series NextTech Insider and fronted live debate broadcasts Ringside Sessions for Ericsson. Shivvy also previously created and fronted two streaming video series’ for Telefonica that drew a 14 million-strong audience during its run.

Shivvy Jervis champions a move from our current phase of ‘Industry 4.0’ to a more human-centred reality – one she calls Humanity 5.0. She examines in equal measure the future of our business and economy on the one hand and how we’ll live, get around, relate and behave on the other.

The in-demand speaker and Futurist is currently engrossed in developing a factual TV series hunting down the most riveting breakthroughs that will benefit what she considers the most crucial asset of the fourth industrial revolution – people.