Sophie Bostock, is a Sleep Evangelist on a mission: to help millions of people to help improve their health and performance, by unlocking the science of sleep and circadian rhythms.

Bostock has always been intrigued by what makes us feel good and perform at our best. Following degrees in Medicine and Entrepreneurship, she completed a PhD in Psychobiology at University College London (UCL). Her award-winning research investigated why positive emotions protect against heart disease and work stress, and how to promote well-being at work. This led to an interest in sleep in as one of the unsung heroes of well-being and performance.

Subsequently, Sophie Bostock spent 5 years as Innovation Lead at Big Health, and helped to grow a fledgling startup into a thriving international digital medicine company. She was awarded an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellowship for her work on, the online sleep improvement programme, which is now available free for millions of NHS patients.

Sophie Bostock has published research into sleep and workplace well-being with leading scientists around the world, including collaborators at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford.

An accident caused by sleep deprivation in 2018 was the trigger for Bostock to become a full time champion for the importance of sleep. As an international speaker, she now creates and delivers tailored keynote speeches, training workshops and coaching to enable people to adapt their daily routines to feel better and sustain high performance.

Sophie Bostock regularly features as a media sleep expert - most recently on the ITV’s This Morning, and the ITV documentary “Why Can’t We Sleep?” (July 2019). She has been invited to deliver numerous talks for professional sports teams and corporate clients including HSBC, Accenture, Sainsbury’s and Unilever. She has also delivered talks for TEDx and Talks@Google.