Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Maps. Described as the "Swiss Army Knife of the Brain" it is used by over 250 million people worldwide.

Tony Buzan is one of the world's leading thinkers, communicators and media Brain Stars. From very average academic beginnings, he worked on developing his own traditional IQ level, raising it to that of genius. He is the originator and creator of what has been described as the ultimate Creative Thinking Tool the Radiant Thinking Mind Map®, and is renowned world-wide for his talks on Memory, Creativity, Learning, Self-improvement and the brain. He regularly lectures to audiences of all nationalities, ages and educational levels.

In the last five years Tony Buzan has lectured to more than 100,000 students ranging in age between 5, through primary and high school, to university and life-long learners. He has done this through television and Edusat broadcast, as well as teaching groups ranging in size from 40-7,000!

Tony Buzan has written and co-authored more than 84 books on the brain and learning, and is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society. He edited Mensa's International Journal, Intelligence, for three years, and has founded a number of organisations, such as The Brain Trust, and has started the World Memory Championships. He has been appointed Director of National Educational Initiatives by the governments and governing bodies for education in Scotland, Singapore, Mexico and Australia.

He has published 22 books (19 on the mind, creativity and learning and Mind Sports and one volume of poetry). His books (which include: Use Your Head, Use Your Memory, Make the Most of Your Mind, Speed Reading, and Brain Training) have now been published in fifty countries and translated into twenty languages.

He is the BBC'c number one international selling author. His multi-million seller Use Your Head (BBC), was selected by the Express Newspaper Group/Dillions as one of the thousand greatest books of the last millennium. It is a standard introductory text for staff training within IBM, General Motors, EDS, Fluor Daniel, Digital Equipment Corporation and for students of the Open University.

His most recent publication is Embracing Change: Essential Steps to Make Your Future Today, published by BBC Books.

Tony has consulted or spoken for many Fortune 500 major multi-nationals including: IBM, HSBC, Oracle, BT Wholesale, Barclays International, EDS, Microsoft, General Motors, Walt Disney, Digital, and British Airways.

Tony Buzan is in demand throughout the world as a speaker on creativity, the power of the mind, change and learning.