Recycling Activity in Tzu Chi Recycling Centre

In 2010, Echo Chien, CEO of TzuChi KL & Selangor, made a vow to set up a recycling centre in each community. As of September 2014, 73 recycling centres and 239 recycling points have been set up in Klang Valley. Recycling centres are also cultivation centres, which purify minds.

Many elderly, who used to stay at home and idle away their time, have found a new lease of life after becoming recycling volunteers. Master Cheng Yen mentioned that Tzu Chi recycling centres are likened to 'elderly day care', where the elderly have their body and mind reconciled through sorting out recyclables.

The team spent the weekend at the Tzu Chi’s recycling centres to help sort recyclable items, it was a truly humbling and educational experience.


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