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Create your own artistic masterpieces with Red’s book

PUBLISHED ON 11th Apr 2023

In ‘How to Paint Without A Brush’, renowned artist Hong Yi looks back on a decade of her colourful career.

Extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh: ‘The polar regions are the ground zero of the climate crisis’

PUBLISHED ON 7th Mar 2023

By braving some of the most forbidding waters on the planet, Lewis Pugh uses his unique brand of ‘Speedo diplomacy’ to draw the attention of the world’s leaders to the devastating effects of global warming.

A community story, old Shanghai memories add a festive feel at NAG

PUBLISHED ON 27th Jan 2023

Visitors can almost hear the laughter of children and smell the fish being hung out to air-dry in this quaint alleyway-inspired installation at the National Art Gallery (NAG) in Kuala Lumpur.

Wheelchair racer who beat leukaemia attempting 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days

PUBLISHED ON 3rd Jan 2023

The entrepreneurial family shares how sustainability guides the company’s past, present and future as Banyan Tree Holdings celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019

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