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Red Hong Yi Opens Her Own Spoof Bank In Kuala Lumpur

PUBLISHED ON 14th Feb 2022

Red Hong Yi Opens 'Memebank' To Parody The Continuous Printing Of Money By Central Banks

Garbage Spigot in the Sky Calls Attention to Plastic Crisis

PUBLISHED ON 20th Oct 2021

Activist and artist Benjamin Von Wong is bringing awareness to the Earth’s plastic waste problem with a giant faucet spewing plastic from the sky.

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond joins crypto start-up Copper

PUBLISHED ON 12th Oct 2021

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has taken the plunge into the crypto space and joined Copper as an adviser.

British endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh begins ‘coldest swim on Earth’ to highlight climate change

PUBLISHED ON 2nd Sep 2021

Lewis Pugh is a UN Patron of the Oceans and fights to raise awareness of the climate crisis

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