Azaria Tagaya is a bilingual TV Host and News Presenter with more than 12 years' experience as a host, anchor, events emcee and voiceover artist. Aside from Money Matters currently airing Saturdays on TV3, among some other notable programs with Azaria Tagaya at the helm include Awani Pagi (Astro Awani), Hello on Two (RTM2), Selamat Pagi Malaysia (RTM1), Nasi Lemak Kopi O (TV9), and Kami Sayang Teacher (TV3). Azaria Tagaya also hosted Ringgit Sense (later changed to Ringgit Sense Plus) also on TV3, a personal finance show which highlights issues related to managing expenses using smart solutions suitable for today's fast-paced lifestyle and ever changing financial climate. Azaria Tagaya also currently presents the news on Buletin Utama and Nightline on TV3.