Denis Rivin is a Futurist, art historian and entrepreneur. He is an associate partner at DareDisrupt, Nordic ambassador of EthicsNET, founder of public education platform Of Course Off Course and co-founder of think tank Nordic Bildung. Denis does keynotes on Exponential Mindset, Future of Education, Mass Collaboration and Critical Optimism.

Denis Rivin is rooted in art history and cultural entrepreneurship having worked with such different fields as publishing, music management, curating and activism from an early age. Realising the immense opportunities that Mankind faces in exponential technologies, half a decade ago he turned his attention to future studies and the public's increasing ability to organise and address local and global challenges through technological advancements and critical optimism.

Example, talk 1: #ActualNews and Critical Optimism
We live in remarkable times and promising progress is happening every single day. But what drives the advancements and why is this progress so difficult to spot? Does statistical reality outshine our gloomy worldview and will humanity rise to solve the massive challenges before us? Through critical optimism, Denis Rivin is more hopeful than most.

Example, talk 2: Mass Collaboration
Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war - Dr. Martin Luther King, 1967

Technology, accessibility and extremely cheap means of communication are increasingly enabling anyone to correct societal shortcomings, and promising progress moves humanity ever closer to realising this vision of Dr. King's – exactly because it has become easier to organise. From millions of sighted people helping visually impaired through apps to huge environmental efforts and political activism, individuals are organising around local problems and global challenges that have previously been territory of governments, or even completely out of reach.