Hillary Yip is the 14-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas, a startup which aims to build a global kids community on the safest online platform possible. Hillary is passionate about the future of education, the relationship between kids and technology as well as youth impact in society.

Since the age of 10, Hillary has been invited to share her ideas and journey at different venues, including TEDx, schools ranging from primary to university, government events and numerous local and international conferences, summits and panels. Most recently, she has also spoken at an event organised by Microsoft and collaborated a workshop with Apple. Apart from being a sought-after speaker in events and conferences, Hillary also actively engaged in many speaking opportunities to inspire young people in schools, entrepreneurship boot camps, and leadership classes.

MinorMynas is a global kids community built on an online platform trusted by parents. It allows kids from all over the world to have a common space to make friends, exchange ideas and to learn from each other. By making the whole experience fun and creating a supportive peer-to-peer environment, MinorMynas provides a long-awaited option for kids to use free and screen time more productively.

Originally an idea Hillary Yip created to participate in an entrepreneurship programme for kids in 2015 when she was ten, the MinorMynas beta app was later launched at the iOS app store in mid-2017. By March 2019, over 56,000 organic downloads with users from over 50 countries were recorded. Currently, second phase development for the product is underway to expand the presence of MinorMynas to all kids with access to the Internet, no matter what device they are on.