Dr. Yiping Huang, esteemed as the Jinguang Chair Professor of Finance and Economics at Peking University’s National School of Development, is a distinguished figure in the fields of macroeconomics and financial policy. His profound knowledge and extensive experience have not only shaped academic discourse but also influenced financial policies in significant ways. As the Deputy Dean and Director of Peking University Digital Finance Research Center, Dr. Huang plays a pivotal role in advancing the frontiers of digital finance.

From 2015 to 2018, Dr. Huang rendered his expertise as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China, showcasing his proficiency in navigating the complex world of monetary policy. His current roles include serving as the deputy secretary-general of the China Society for Finance and Banking and the chairman of both the Financial Technology Development and Research Committee of the China Internet Finance Association and the Academic Committee of the China Finance 40 Forum. Dr. Huang’s influence extends to intellectual circles as a member of the China Economic 50 Forum and as the editor-in-chief of the “China Economic Journal.” He also contributes as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Economic Policy Review, further cementing his status as a thought leader in the field.

Dr. Huang’s journey in academia and policy-making is marked by a series of prestigious positions. He began his career as an assistant researcher at the Development Research Institute of the Rural Development Research Center of the State Council. His academic journey took him to the Australian National University, where he served as a senior lecturer. His international exposure includes his tenure as an International Visiting Professor of Economics and Finance at General Mills at Columbia Business School. In the corporate sector, he has held significant roles such as the managing director and Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Citigroup, and the managing director and Chief Economist of the Asian Emerging Market Economy at Barclays. His global perspective is further enriched by his involvement as a member of the External Advisory Group for Surveillance Affairs of the International Monetary Fund and as a researcher at the Financial Research Center of the Counselor’s Office of the State Council.

Dr. Huang’s academic credentials are as impressive as his career, holding a Ph.D. in Economics from the Australian National University, a Master’s degree in Economics from Renmin University of China, and a Bachelor of Agronomy (Agricultural Economics) from Zhejiang Agricultural University.

Dr. Yiping Huang’s biography paints a picture of an individual who is not just a speaker, but a visionary in finance and economics, whose insights and contributions continue to shape the landscape of global finance and economic policy. His role as an educator, policy advisor, and thought leader makes him a highly sought-after speaker on topics ranging from macroeconomics to financial technology and policy.