Haiyan Wang is an Adjunct Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. She is concurrently also the Managing Partner of China India Institute, a Washington, DC based research and consulting organisation with a focus on creating winning global strategies that leverage the transformational rise of China and India. She is a highly coveted speaker at conferences on smart globalisation in the age of China and India.

Haiyan serves as a regular columnist for BusinessWeek and is the co-author of two highly acclaimed books: Getting China and India Right, and The Quest for Global Dominance.

Her opinion pieces have appeared in top international media such as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Chief Executive, The Economic Times, China Daily, The Times of India, as well as other outlets. She has also been interviewed and quoted by CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, India Today, INSEAD Knowledge, and other prominent business media.

A native of China, Haiyan has spent the last twenty years consulting for and managing multinational business operations in China and the United States in several different industry sectors. Her career background includes managing steel imports for one of China's largest conglomerates, leading international partnering efforts of a prominent New York based B2B online exchange, and consulting clients on strategic decision making, complex project management, and organisational process redesign. Most recently, she was a senior executive with a U.S. headquartered global manufacturer of home decoration products.

Drawing on her broad international experience, she consults with clients and speaks at conferences on building and exploiting global presence with a particular focus on leveraging the rise of China.