Jason Schenker is the world’s top ranked Financial Market Futurist. He is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute and the President of Prestige Economics.

Schenker is ranked one of the most accurate financial forecasters and futurists in the world. Bloomberg News has ranked Schenker #1 in the world for his forecast accuracy in an astonishing 25 categories, including for his forecasts of the Euro, the Pound, the Swiss Franc, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices and industrial metals prices.

Four of his books have become #1 Best-Sellers on Amazon: Jobs for Robots, Commodity Prices 101, Recession-Proof, and Electing Recession. He also wrote Robot-Proof Yourself and Be the Shredder, Not the Shred, and is the editor of The Robot and Automation Almanac, which is compiled annually by The Futurist Institute.

Jason Schenker advises corporations, governments central banks. He also founded The Futurist Institute in 2016, for which he has created a rigorous course of study that includes the future of work, transportation, data, finance, energy, leadership and healthcare.

Jason Schenker is active in FinTech. In 2016 he founded Hedgefly, a risk management platform using Blockchain technology and a Bitcoin backend. Schenker is also the Executive Director of the Texas Blockchain Association.

Schenker is a member of the Central Texas Angel Network, which is the most active angel investor network in the United States.