Jennifer Quigley-Jones is the founder and managing director of Influencer Marketing agency, Digital Voices. Her company pairs YouTube influencers with brands all across the world including Rolls Royce and the Royal Armed Forces. She travels and speaks internationally to advise brands on influencer marketing strategies.

She also teaches social media marketing at Red Academy, trains Fortune 500 companies and has spoken at YouTube events, Prix Italia, WeWork and the Digital Leadership Forum. She focuses on shifting the conversation of influencer marketing from Instagram to YouTube. She argues that it has the deepest engagement of any social platform as the audience spend the most time watching the content.

Before founding Digital Voices, Jennifer Quigley-Jones worked at YouTube, advising UK creators and brands on organic growth – without spending money on ads. The role involved data analysis to strategically advise brands on video – at the cutting edge of media and advertising. She worked with over 500 partners, including The Economist, UNHCR, music labels and even Facebook prankster Ben Phillips.

Prior to YouTube, she completed her Master’s at Harvard University in Middle Eastern Studies, on a generous scholarship from the Kennedy Memorial Trust. She specialised in the Syrian crisis and worked with many non-profits and social enterprises, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations.

Jennifer Quigley-Jones has given influencer marketing and social media training to international organisations such as Graze, Deezer, AXA PPP, Petplan and the United Nation.