Ken Segall is the design and creativity guru who named the i-Mac and initiated the "i-frenzy".  He is author of New York Times Best Seller Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success.

Having worked for iconic brands including IBM, BMW, Intel and Dell, he developed a strong working relationship with Steve Jobs, first at NeXT and then at Apple.  He led the team that created Apple's renowned Think Different campaign, embracing Jobs' 'simplicity' principle and saving Apple from near-extinction in 1997, to becoming the world-renowned brand it is today.

As Apple’s Creative Director, when Segall re-launched the brand in the 1990s, he invoked the power of simplicity that Jobs founded Apple on - and it is this principle that still permeates Apple's character today. From its organisation and communication, to its innovation and advertising, Segall has seen how some of their famous adverts came to fruition.