Kyra Poh is a Singaporean gold medal-winning skydiving champion who's flying high on the indoor and formation scenes.

Kyra Poh is one of the stars of the nascent sport of indoor skydiving.

Her first big achievement came in 2016, when she won the junior freestyle category of the Indoor Skydiving World Cup in Warsaw, Poland, at the tender age of 14.

That huge win was the result of five years of hard work, during which she practised three times a week after school, following a fateful introduction to the sport when she was nine.

Poh fell into indoor skydiving accidentally because her mother, an advertising executive, was hired to create commercials for indoor skydiving facility iFly in Singapore and they needed a child to appear in their adverts – and she hasn't looked back since.

More success came in 2017, when Poh was crowned the 'world's fastest flyer' at one of the sport's biggest competitions, the Wind Games, in Catalonia, where she won two medals.

In 2018, Poh scored a silver in the Solo Freestyle Open category of the the third FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships, in Bahrain, and teamed up with fellow Singaporean, Choo Yi Xuan, 17, to win a first gold for her home nation in the dynamic two-way category.

She also holds the record for most number of backward somersaults in a wind tunnel (68) and can ride winds as fast as 230kph, so it's clear that the sky's the limit for this indoor skydiver.