Lars Thomsen is an influential futurist and trends researcher. He is the founder and CEO of Swiss based think tank, Future Matters.

Thomsen has worked on future issues for the past 25 years, consulting with corporations, institutions and government bodies  on the development of future strategies and business models.  He interprets the complex world of trends to inform organisations about how to strategically plan for the future.  His research focuses on the future of work and developments in energy and resources, electric mobility, corporate culture, media, as well as artificial intelligence.

In addition to his research, Thomsen is a member of several think tanks and the World Future Society in Washington DC.  Due to his many connections with global innovation leaders, he is aware of developments happening that will affect tomorrow's markets.  Thomsen predicts that artificial intelligence will alter our future more drastically than any other technology has done over the past century.

His topics include:

  • Future Trends
  • Society
  • Future of Work
  • Energy and Resources
  • Artificial Intelligence