Lin Boqiang is a “Chang Jiang Scholar” Professor, Associate Dean of Newhuadu Business School; Dean of China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy; and Director for China Center for Energy Economic Research. His current research interest includes energy economics, low carbon sustainable development, and energy policy.

Lin Boqiang is a member of National Energy Consultation Committee under National Energy Commission; and a member of National Energy Price Consultation Committee under National Development and Reform Commission. In 2010, he prepared an energy strategy study for China’s national twelfth-five-year energy development plan for National Development and Reform Commission, and has participated actively in energy reforms, low carbon development, and energy policy in China.

Lin Boqiang is currently the vice Chairman of China Energy Society.

Since 2012, Lin Boqiang has been a member of the Energy Partnership Advisory Board of the World Economic Forum in Davos. He was the Chairman of the Global Agenda Councils on Energy Security in 2012 and is now a member of the Global Agenda Councils on Decarbonizing Energy of World Economic Forum.

Lin Boqiang joined the board of directors of China National Petroleum Corporation since May of 2014 and is now the Chairman of Audit Committee, and Member of Performance Review and Remuneration Committee.

Lin Boqiang is a renowned expert on energy economics and energy policy, a special analyst for China Xinhua News Agency, and a guest commentator for China National Radio. He enjoyed substantial media coverage in China on energy policy and energy issues.

He has published more than a hundred academic papers in top economics and energy journals both in Chinese and in English. He published several energy economics textbooks in Chinese on energy economics and energy finance. He has also written several hundred column papers in most influential Chinese newspapers.