Maneesh Juneja is a Digital Health Futurist who explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place. He looks at these technologies in the context of socio-cultural, political and economic trends, helping organisations around the world to think differently about the future.

Juneja believes the products and services that will have the biggest impact on our health, will not come from healthcare, but from outside of healthcare.

Maneesh Juneja solves questions like: How could self-driving vehicles enable older people to continue to live independent lives?, How can energy providers deploy smart home technology to monitor our health and wellbeing?, How could we use smart speakers powered by Artificial Intelligence to detect diseases just by analysing our voice?

How should we be using technology to combat the COVID-19 pandemic?, How will this pandemic change the way healthcare is delivered in years to come? and How can individuals, organisations and governments be more prepared for future pandemics? Given he is living with the long term symptoms of covid-19 (Long Covid) for over 6 months himself, he has unique insights as a Covid survivor.

Maneesh Juneja is passionate about ensuring that the choices we make in society result in a better future, not just for the privileged few, but for everyone. He has given 4 TEDx talks and has spoken around the world to leaders from organisations in multiple sectors. He believes that stories change ideas, and that the best stories leave us feeling excited, inspired and hopeful.

In 2012, Maneesh Juneja left the security of his career at GlaxoSmithKline, to immerse himself in the new world of Digital Health. In a career spanning 20 years, he has worked with data to improve decision-making across a number of industries. From supporting the Whitehall study at University College London, managing the Tesco database at DunnHumby, and most recently, working with the world’s largest U.S. & European patient databases at GlaxoSmithKline R&D.