Marcus East is an international technology and product executive and CDO/CIO/CTO with nearly 30 years experience of working in the Information Technology, specialising in Digital Product, Digital Transformations and Electronic Commerce.

Marcus started his career with IBM where he spent six years honing his consulting and strategy skills, before joining Omnicom’s where he spent two years learning about the importance of user experience, and further developed his management skills. He has held senior digital leadership positions for a number of major brands, including Comic Relief, Apple, Marks and Spencer, National Geographic, Google and now T-Mobile.

As T-Mobile’s Chief Digital Officer, Marcus works closely with the company’s CXO to define, design, build and deliver compelling experiences that focus on purchase and service simplicity for T-Mobile’s customers and employees. This involves leading a cross-functional team of researchers, designers, digital marketing specialists, engineers and data science experts to create products that both surprise and delight.

Having lived and worked in the UK, Asia and America, Marcus East has a truly international perspective on the challenges facing organisations and societies today, and how technology affects them — he has strong views on social exclusion, diversity in technology, managing technology talent and how large corporations should react to the challenges and opportunities that the advent of the digital age brings.


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