“You are 23 years old, trapped in an ice cave for 14 days by a sub-zero blizzard on the summit of New Zealand's highest peak.

You are starving and freezing to death. You wake up in the hospital to find that you have lost both legs below the knees due to frostbite.

What do you do next?

You climb Mount Everest, of course.”

Between losing his legs at 23 years old due to frostbite and then going on to be the first double amputee to have stood on the roof of the world, the summit of Mount Everest, Mark Inglis has carved out careers as a scientist, a world recognised winemaker, business innovator, trekking guide and a leading International Motivator.

A silver medal from the 2000 Paralympics joins all medals from the world of alpine skiing, wine and his ONZM for services to the Disabled.

It is this combination of achievement in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds and his ability to interpret this to a wide range of people, that resulted in the honour of him being both a delegate and panellist at the UN partnered 2009 Global Creative Leadership Summit in New York and a regular presenter at TEDx events worldwide, all opportunities to share his experience and philosophy with world leaders.

Much of Inglis' time currently is spent across Asia, consulting to the countries top executives, focusing on change, challenge and the role of attitude in business. He also leads treks to Nepal each year to raise funds and awareness for Limbs4All projects in Nepal and Cambodia.

Challenge and attitude is at the core of all growth, in our families, communities and businesses, Mark Inglis is the epitome of Challenge and Attitude. As the first - still one of only two - double amputees who have stood on the summit of Mt Everest, who else can truly define the often used saying, “Attitude determines your Altitude”.