Ariane is an author, speaker, change expert and entrepreneur. She writes and speaks frequently on issues of personal and professional change, happiness, health and inspiration, and the topic of mindful living and conscious business. She holds an MBA from Stanford and her professional experience includes time at the Boston Consulting Group, Bertelsmann, Sony, Time Warner and Charlie Rose before starting her own business. She is a published author (Harper Collins) having written 3 books and has been featured in numerous press outlets. She recently launched an app,, helping people to stay mindful in the midst of our busy lives.

With her own background in the corporate world and her passion for learning and personal development in the last 20years, she is the ideal person to bridge these two worlds and share them in a way that lands with highly successful people. She is also a global soul, having lived and worked in over a dozen countries and on 4 continents, so can manage the nuances of culture and tradition with ease. Ariane talks in a friendly conversational way and includes engaging personal stories and very practical suggestions for her audience to immediately take on new concepts in whichever area of their life is important to them. She has spent the last decade researching how people navigate change successfully, speaking and writing on all aspects of health and spiritual well being and her latest app, Mindful365, has also added to her expertise. She also hosted a podcast, Change Nation, where she interviewed top leaders on their life path and explored tools for improving overall mental, physical and spiritual health.

Masterclass overview
What are the daily habits of the most outrageously successful people and companies? A commitment to realizing human potential through techniques such as: life skills, personal happiness tools, health and wellness strategies, mindfulness and meditation. This is not a spiritual fix, rather proven techniques, with abundant research on the benefits of lowering stress, increasing productivity, better decision making, improved memory and higher states of well being. Work today does not only have to imply stress, long hours, suffering and a decrease in overall happiness. These common factors cost companies billions of dollars every year. Increasingly research is showing the impact of personal and spiritual tools on the quality of employee happiness and health, all the way to driving bottom line revenues. This is not a luxury but an urgent and important need for companies!

Value and expected outcomes

  • Questionnaire to discover your Change Muscle; how good you are at change
  • Change principles that will make any change easier
  • Health principles for Stress management and resilience
  • Beginner Meditation exercise
  • Questionnaire to discover Your Mindfulness Quotient
  • Creating a Morning/Evening practice to take home
  • Self-inquiry tools to improve every aspect of life
  • Question and Answer Time, to ensure all participants leave with a sense of certainty about next steps and actions to take

What is covered?
Ariane will break her workshop into 3 parts:
Change: She will discuss her 9 Principles of Change and how to help companies and people face and make all types of changes effectively.
Health: She will discuss the impact of health on top performing executives and make 7 research-proven suggestions on techniques to adopt.
Mindfulness: She will explain mindfulness in easy to understand language, before progressing with examples of what practices and personal success tools look like for the Super Busy.