Dr. Christian Busch is a leading expert on purpose-driven business and innovation. His experience includes more than 10 years of research and teaching at the London School of Economics. He is co-founder of Sandbox Network, a leading community of young innovators, and Leaders on Purpose, a platform convening high-impact leaders, part of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Expert Forum on Business and Entrepreneurship’, a senior advisor at multinational companies and start-up enterprises, as well as having business experience in China, Mexico, Germany, the UK, and the US, Dr. Busch brings a global perspective.

Masterclass overview
Social and environmental constraints, new ways of organising, and a shift in needs and mindsets of employees, customers, and other stakeholders pushes organisations to rethink how to operate in order to stay relevant. Through his vast experience Dr. Christian Busch has developed tried-and-tested tools and approaches that help companies combine profit and purpose, combined with a unique perspective on how innovation and impact can be developed in the global context.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Actionable tool-kits, including the Impact Organisation Scorecard
  • Approaches on how to implement and sustain meaningful innovation efforts
  • Tools on how to develop strong communities and networks
  • An engaged and energised team

What is covered?
This masterclass will tackle questions such as:

  • How to translate a strong purpose across the organisation, and develop meaning in corporate structures?
  • How to spread high-impact ideas across the organisation?
  • How to reframe innovation as an opportunity, rather than perceiving it as a threat?
  • How to develop a strong culture and related processes?
  • How to engage networks and communities to get things done? How to engage the next generation(s) most effectively?

Using a mix of hands-on executive masterclass and motivational keynote techniques, Dr. Christian Busch will discuss how to develop purpose- driven organisations that are ready for the future. Dr. Busch will combine insights from research, with practice on how to develop and sustain meaningful innovation over the long-run, and in day-to-day practices.