Christopher Kutarna is co-author of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance, a bestselling, internationally acclaimed book published by Bloomsbury and St Martin’s Press. He has been a Governor General’s Medallist twice and a Commonwealth Scholar, and is now a fellow of the Oxford Martin School with a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford. Previously, Chris was a consultant with the Boston ConsultingGroup in New Zealand, Australia and China.

Masterclass overview
Genius is flourishing – and so is risk. The first Renaissance confronted leaders with a stark choice between two strategic attitudes: wait-and- see, or audacity. Hesitate until the chaos of the age settled into some new order – or be liberated from conventional caution by existential threats and historic possibilities. And today, we face the same stark choice. The vast majority of today’s corporations have dropped anchor rather than brave the biggest storm in living memory. Instead of investing, companies hoard cash and buy back their own shares. In this unique masterclass, Chris will help you assess your readiness for the second Renaissance.

Value and expected outcomes

  • A clear, inspiring recognition and renewal of the burden today’s leaders bear
  • A fresh assessment of skills and attitudes demanded by the environment versus those practised within the organisation
  • Identification of critical development needs for the team or organisation
  • A business case for a fresh executive development agenda
  • Refinement of existing development budgets

What is covered?

  • A primer on the ‘second Renaissance’. What better way to stretch our expectations for the future than to explore what has already happened under similar circumstances? Chris will help you to put on the same glasses that helped him to foresee the biggest political shocks of the 21st century.
  • Are you Renaissance-ready? Chris condenses the chief corporate wisdom of the first Renaissance into six categories of behaviour that together inform your team or organisation’s capacity to magnify flourishing genius and mitigate flourishing risk.
  • The Renaissance Readiness Index TM. Chris charts the strengths, vulnerabilities and development priorities of your team or organisation against all six categories via a proprietary survey of 47 specific indicators (administered to all participants prior to the masterclass). Chris interprets the results and facilitates a dialogue on their implications.