Inma Martinez is a technology pioneer behind the first AI system for the mobile industry (1999) and has continued to innovate in both tech start-ups and the corporate world, by analysing human behaviours within both digital and non-digital contexts in order to create innovation products. She has served as an independent technology advisor to the EU Technology Commission since 2001 and in 2010 she was appointed as a spokesperson on technological development and entrepreneurship at the UK Trade and Industry Catalyst Programme.

Masterclass overview
Every single company today is affected by the accelerated digitalisation that AI brings to the workplace. AI is not just a new technology that will dynamically transform our products and services, but also it will impact the kind of human capital that needs to adapt its skills and tacit knowledge to the third industrial revolution. Inma Martinez’s focus on the digital acceleration affecting life, work and play, has allowed her to create strategies and protocols on how businesses should reorganise their human capital, as well as their products and services, in order to address the transformational forces of AI and digitalisation, and increase their innovation by harnessing disruptive technologies.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Identify specific approaches to ignite innovation and connect with your customers via marketing tactics that respond to the new digital times
  • Reduce the negative feelings towards AI and job losses and identify the new roles that the digital future brings
  • Learn to build and manage your data analytics team towards results that ignite product innovation

Inma Martinez leads her audiences into adopting new mindsets and attitudes by explaining science and tech in humanistic terms and by way of case studies that show how others have done it. She offers a bespoke approach to each masterclass and reveals not just what is happening today but why, unveiling how the audience can harness specific tools and approaches to leverage from these forces and achieve successful outcomes.

What is covered?
Identifying the impact of digitalisation on your organisation and learning how to:

  • Reshape your leadership programmes and your new recruitment strategies with AI tactics
  • Redesign your marketing strategies and customer services bots with AI that truly delivers human approaches and empathy
  • Learn to balance the act of introducing AI systems into your company whilst retraining and repurposing your current human capital into the new emerging roles and jobs of the future