Malene Rydahl has 18 years of rich and extensive experience in the corporate world, most recently as director of corporate communication for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in EMEA. She is the author of the best-selling book Happy as a Dane translated into 12 languages. She explores why Danish employees are some of the happiest in the world and how that directly impacts financial results in a positive way. She works with major French and international companies and is a frequent speaker at schools (INSEAD, ENA, HEC) and institutions such as OECD on wellbeing in corporations.

Masterclass overview
Happy and engaged employees are essential to any corporation to ensure future growth, yet 87% of employees across the world say they are disengaged in what they do. It has been proven that companies with high trust and individual freedom have more innovation and better financial performance. In this very inspiring masterclass, Malene Rydahl demonstrates how we can build a solid base of trust and freedom to be ourselves with a high degree of individual responsibility. To attract and keep the best talent, companies need to have a common project with higher purpose.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Understand how to use uncertainty and complexity to your advantage
  • Master how to manage and adapt to change and address the innovation challenge within your organization
  • Learn how to apply the principles of human creativity to the diverse activities and challenges you encounter
  • You will actually be part of this process of discovery in a lab environment, asking questions and finding answers that will transform the way you think

What is covered?
This engaging masterclass will focus on tools and techniques to cultivate engaged, innovative and happy employees based on a purpose-driven culture with high trust, freedom to be yourself and empathy as core drivers:

  • Trust – defining and moving obstacles to build trust in a common project
  • Freedom to be yourself – knowing myself and my values to better understand others by using empathy as a guide to communicate
  • Purpose – understanding the purpose of the company to engage employees by also finding their own purpose