Max Wittrock is co-founder and one of the CEOs of mymuesli, an award-winning Muesli Startup. He is driven by his passion for food and e-commerce – and always looking for new ventures and opportunities.

Born in Munich, Wittrock graduated from Law School (attending both the universities of Passau and Munich), he is also a trained journalist (University of Passau, Institut für Journalistenausblidung) and has worked for small newspapers and freelanced for German Television (Bayerisches Fernsehen).

In 2007 Wittrock started mymuesli together with two friends. mymuesli is active in five countries, has been granted several awards, including the German Gründerpreis in 2013, Germany’s most important Award for entrepreneurial achievements, and currently employs more than 285 people. mymuesli offers its customers the option to mix their favourite muesli from 80 ingredients – with 566 quadrillion possible mixes there’s something for everyone.

Wittrock gives talks or delivers speeches about mymuesli, entrepreneurship and related topics at universities, conferences or for corporate clients, including Porsche, DHL and Apple.

Together with his friends and extraordinary teams he has started several other ventures, including a Coffee brand (Green Cup Coffee), an orange subscription business (Oh!Saft) and a tea brand (Tree of Tea).