Meabh Quoirin joined Future Foundation in 2002 and became Managing Director in 2009.

Future Foundation is the number one independent global consumer trends and insight firm working with smart businesses who are:
> Overloaded with information but lacking clear, actionable and commercial insights
> Concerned they are at risk from competitor innovation
> Unsure where to move next in an uncertain market (or geographic) landscape

They transform strategy, marketing, research, service, innovation, customer analysis and training to strengthen businesses, not only to withstand the changing world around them but thrive in it.

Meabh runs every aspect of the business from managing over 150 global corporate accounts, to data analytics, trends and editorial to marketing. As the brand accelerates its global presence in New York, Stockholm and Singapore, a key focus is to ensure that the core values of Future Foundation are directly represented in every theatre of the company’s activities. She personally manages global, large-scale projects commissioned from Future Foundation. Most recently, she has directed trends analyses for clients such as Coca Cola, Bacardi, SABMiller, Adidas, Chivas and Nissan.

Meabh guest lectures at DIT on digital marketing and writes as a LinkedIn influencer. She specialises in exploring how consumer-facing brands can use trends analysis to innovate their way to greater profits. She is a regular keynote speaker at Future Foundation & industry events and most recently co-authored ‘The Big Lie’ – Future Foundation’s latest book on how best to profit from social norms.

Meabh works in French and English. She has a BA in Business Studies from the University of Ulster and a Masters in Socio-Cultural Studies from the University of Strasbourg.