Michael Dobbs – Lord Dobbs of Wylye – is Britain’s best-known political novelist and an active member of the House of Lords. He has enjoyed a ringside seat on many historic occasions. He was with Margaret Thatcher when she walked into Downing Street as Prime Minister and was with John Major when 18 years later he was kicked out.

Michael Dobbs was the UK Conservative Party’s Chief-of-Staff and its Deputy Chairman. He has also been a current affairs presenter for the BBC a newspaper columnist, and has a doctorate in nuclear defence studies. Somewhere along the way he was also Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, the global advertising agency.

Thirty years ago he wrote the original novel of House of Cards, a series that through Netflix has become a global television sensation. A long time ago he was described as ‘Westminster’s baby-faced hitman’ and, more recently, as ‘a man who in Latin America would have been shot’.

This autumn Michael Dobbs will be the Visiting Professor of Contemporary Politics at Tufts University in the US.


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