Michael Lesner is the world’s foremost authority on medical innovation. But, he is not a doctor. Not a scientist. Not a researcher. No. He is something else entirely. Michael Lesner is a great translator to millions upon millions of people in search of better health for themselves and for their families.

His health television series on PBS is the longest continuously airing medical series on television…anywhere.

His audience on television alone numbers well above 120,000,000 viewers. Some of his viewers are scientists and government decision-makers. But the vast majority of them are people who are interested in learning more about their health and what new developments are on the horizon.

And now that audience has nearly doubled. In addition to PBS, his shows are now seen on his new streaming channel. On Roku, AmazonFire and AppleTV. Another 100,000,000 viewers can access vital health information 24 hours each day on their phones, laptops, tablets.

Michael Lesner began his career as a storyteller for mainstream advertising. Some of his characters are very familiar to you. Snap Crackle and Pop, Tony the Tiger, the Jolly Green Giant. The “science” behind these characters was to find a way to communicate ideas to the public. Sometime later, as head of on-air promotion for CBS Network TV it was Michael who reinvented promotional themes for struggling shows allowing them to make their way to eventual syndication.

And today, Michael’s stories come from the world of medicine and health. He understands, better than most, that innovation, transformation and disruption in medicine are only important if people are aware.