Mike Coupe is considered to be a leading business authority. Coupe held the position of CEO for Sainsbury plc from 2014-2020. Before retiring he is credited for turning the company around, through top-level trading, marketing, and online operations. As a business speaker, he instills in his corporate audiences the essential skills he used to lead a market, and share his experience of directing one of the UK’s most established organisations.

Coupe joined Sainsbury’s in 2014. Immediately making a positive impression on the company, he rose through the ranks and was appointed responsible for online operations, marketing, and trading in 2010. In 2014, Mike was named CEO of Sainsbury’s, following in the footsteps of Justin King. Using his expert knowledge, he quickly established a strategic review to stay ahead of the evolving retail market.

Mike Coupe championed Sainsbury’s journey ahead of the competition through a complete digital transformation. From till-free stores to the digitisation of Nectar, the UK’s largest loyalty scheme, through a website and an app, he revolutionised the retail giant’s day to day practices. Coupe lead the business from making 5% of online sales to an impressive 20% and growing. Additional influential roles include the Executive Board Director of Asda and Non-Executive Director at Greene King plc.

In 2020, Mike Coupe announced Sainsbury’s new, more sustainable operations. The company has invested £1 billion into achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, setting the standard for other supermarkets. Mike himself described the decision, stating that “we must recognise that living well now also means living sustainably”, reflecting his commitment to the environment.